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Gramercy Park is Duluth's Premiere Senior Living Cooperative. Read about all the fun we've been having.! 


October 2013

MAY 2012
Annual Garage Cleaning 

Cleaning may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it surely has to be one of the most important. A big thank you goes out to Darryl DeGrio and all the volunteers who helped with the annual garage cleaning. Also, a special thank you to the Tillman’s for the coffee and baked breads they provided these hard workers for a morning break. This is what being a cooperative is about. The contribution made by these members to this community is greatly appreciated. Thank you to all!



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Annual Christmas Dinner 

Our annual Christmas dinner was held on Friday, December 2nd and enjoyed by nearly all Gramercy members - over 90 people attended.  Sara Mae's Catering provided the meal for the event which was hosted by our Social Committee.   The dinner consisted of roast beef, porketta, roasted baby red potatoes, glazed baby carrots, green beans almandine, a mixed green salad, relish tray, rolls, a beverage and dessert.  Entertainment by the Ripple Effect - an octuplet - followed dinner.  It was an enjoyable evening and a great way to get together with neighbors and friends to share the holiday spirit.


Duluth Senior Expo 

Seniors, caregivers and their families were the focus of attention at the Senior Expo held at the DECC on Wednesday, October 19th and Gramercy Park Cooperative of Duluth participated in this event for the first time.  What a great way to make our presence known.  Participation in this event was the first step in being able to meet hundreds, if not thousands of prospective new customers face to face in a minimal amount of time.  I was told that over 4,000 people attended or participated in this event this year (including many of our own residents).

While choosing the right home can often be a complicated decision, I believe our presence at the Senior Expo may have helped make that decision a little easier for some.  Our member volunteers were given the opportunity to share with others what makes Gramercy Park so special.  Thank you to all those who donated time to this event.  You did a great job!


Bernie's Band Saw 

John “Bernie” Bernard Selin, one of our past Members, passed away in St. Paul on September 13, 2011 at the age of 93 and is remembered by us today.  Bernie and his wife Ella moved into unit 114 when the building opened in 2000.  In 2005, due to health concerns, Bernie moved to St. Paul to be closer to his children and to receive more services.  Ella passed away in 2007.

Bernie liked to do woodworking and, in later years, wood carving.  In fact, one of his carvings, an Indian’s head, was mounted on the back of the Hobby Shop door for some years.

When Bernie left Gramercy he donated his beloved power band saw to the Shop for others to use.  Little did know that his band saw would play such a key role in cutting out the pieces of wood used to fabricate newspaper receptacles for each of 74 units, eliminating the need for Members to have to bend over to pick up their newspaper every day.  This versatile tool enabled Bill Emery and the volunteers to complete the receptacle project in record time.

Thanks Bernie for sharing your love of woodworking with us and for giving us the capability to complete our Big Project. 

Hobby Shop Users


Volunteer Appreciation Day 

At the last meeting of the Special Events/Social Account Committee, they talked about how our residents contribute so much to our Gramercy community by donating their time and efforts. The committee thought it would be nice to show appreciation to everyone who volunteers in some way with a little coffee gathering—an opportunity to say thank you.
Our Cooperative members serve on the Board, on committees, as GEMS, work in the gardens, drive the van, organize and lead activities, decorate the common areas, and more. We would like all our volunteers to know how much you are appreciated.

On Thursday, August 25, 2011, over 60 members got together to show their appreciation for the volunteers here by joining in the Gramercy Room for cake, ice cream or sherbet and coffee. Special attention was given to Bill Emery for the 200 plus hours he put into building and installing the beautiful newspaper receptacles that now grace the entrances to everyone’s homes. Bill Emery not only designed them, but built them and supervised the people who assisted him. They include Gene Niemi, Grant Hayes, Jim Anderson, Gerald Dentinger and Ed Wiiliainen who assisted with the construction and Bill’s wife Joan who helped with the installation.

Bill said that he certainly would not have been able to accomplish this in such a short amount of time if it weren’t for those who helped him, especially Grant Hayes.

In appreciation, Bill was given a gift that we hope will help defray the cost of the gas he used with all his trips to Menard’s and elsewhere for supplies, and thank you cards were given to those who assisted.
To all the volunteers who were unable to make it, please know from the bottom of the hearts of your neighbors, we truly appreciate the generosity of your time and efforts around here. Thanks for all you do!



JULY 2011

Gramercy Park Cooperative Showcased during
Senior Day at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth.

Health screening, games, live entertainment, a fashion show, and exhibits could be found at the Miller Hill Mall on Wednesday, July 20th and Gramercy Park was part of it! It was nice to see that so many seniors left the comforts of their air conditioned homes to venture out in the heat. Not only was there the chance to make some contact with potential members but it also welcomed the opportunity to network with other businesses.
A special thank all who donated their time and talents. Volunteers include Dorothy Bergman, Kathy Kokal and Hallie Martin who put our display boards together; Ron Grandahl, Sharon Hicken, Dick and Donna Koglin, Mary Milbrath, Lester and Marlyn Beach, Marilyn Saksa, Dorothy Bergman, Hallie Martin, Joan Emery and Mary Ann Anderson who volunteered their time to man our booth.
Senior Day at the Mall was just the beginning of our marketing efforts for this year. We are also signed up to participate in the Senior Expo being held at the DECC on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. And that event will be followed by our own Open House on Thursday, October 20, 2011.


JUNE 2011

Gramercy Gardens:
Have you noticed our “new” garden area?
If not, take a walk some nice day and discover the improvements.  Thanks to Darryl and many members of the Exterior Committee, the timbers for the raised beds have been set, filled with new soil, and—best of all—a high deer fence has been built around the whole garden area.  Darryl also has arranged for a source of water in the garden area.


Gardening will now be a lot easier, and—we hope—a lot more successful than in previous summers.  Thanks to the committee and to the Gramercy Park Board for approving this project and for making it possible.

Lora Mattson
Administrator - Gramercy Park Duluth.


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