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Gramercy Park is Duluth's Premiere Senior Living Cooperative. Read about all the fun we've been having.! 


Living at Gramercy Park is a rewarding lifestyle.  We have been here since its opening and have not regretted the decision to move here for one moment.

There are many advantages to living here, peace of mind is foremost.  Our security measures allow residents the opportunity to enjoy daily activities and the ability to go to bed at night without fear.  Our doors are locked 24 hours a day and we park in a secure underground garage with an additional secure entrance to the building. 

Another distinct advantage of living at Gramercy is sociability.  Residents never have to be alone.  There's always someone exercising in the exercise room, walking the halls, assembling puzzles or gathering near the fireplace to visit.  On the other hand, we have all the privacy we want by just going to our home and closing the door.

We have many special events, including weekly coffee, as well as, holiday parties, bingo and cards to name just a few.  Our outdoor patio offers a place to grill or just relax and watch the ducks and other wildlife that frequent our pond.  The area surrounding the pond is ever changing from lush green in summer to beautiful fall colors, and the lacy covered beauty of the new fallen snow in winter.

We do not have to live by the rules of a landlord as we are self-governing.  We elect a board of governors who look out for our best interests and members of our community volunteer to serve on committees that ensure the board is well informed of all our needs.

Gramercy Park Duluth is a great place to live.  It is a myriad of smiling faces and cheery greetings.  We have not missed our home for one minute since moving here.  We are located close to all the amenities offered by the malls, shopping center and restaurants literally just outside our door.  Yet we have seclusion from all of the hubbub of the surrounding activities by our unique setting. 

Life is a series of decisions.  We felt the decision to select Gramercy Park Duluth as our home has been the best decision for us to enjoy a carefree life among friends.  It truly is "Our Home!"
Clarice and Jean LeRoy

For 8 1/2 years now I have been able to continue two hobbies here that I have pursued for over 40 years - cutting and polishing agates/stones and family history research, which give me much joy.  From the first  time Marge & I involved ourselves in the Comittee work of the Co-operative, which helped us become rapidly acquainted with many other residents of the building and to learn how our Co-op works.  We are very happy her at Gramercy Park Co-op and plan to live here as  long as we can.
Grant Hayes

Gramercy Park has been so much fun - we have made many close friends.  For me three big features of living here have been having our own private laundry, having an outdoor balcony and having a parking space in the heated garage.  I enjoy the opportunity to make a contribution to the Co-op and am proud of the more than 4 years I have served on the Board of Directors.
Marge Hayes

I am very happy living at Gramercy Park and am happy that I don't have a house and yard to care for!  We moved here before our bodies said
"No More!".  I especially appreciate the cooperative concept of living. We, the residents, own the building and land - not some absentee landlord.  When maintenance is necessary or fees need to be raised, our own board of directors, (our own residents), make the decision.  So many of our residents say, "It's he best deal in town".
Ron Grandahl

I really like living at Gramercy Park for many reasons:  We have an attractive place to live, a nice convenient home and an indoor heated garage!!  We can enjoy social activities and occasional entertainment without having to leave the building - especially during bad weather.  Its also fun to sit on our deck and watch the wildlife around  and in the pond.  It's a good place to live!
Gloria Grandahl

I have been a resident of Gramercy for almost 2 years and "It couldn't be better".  Coming from a large home, I found my home to be more than adequate.  I so appreciate the total floor plan with its large rooms, laundry and useful balcony.  The Gramercy community is great and the maintenance and administration is exceptional.  I would be amiss not to mention the heated underground garage which is a luxury beyond  my  expectation. 
Mary Milbrath


I like that the Gramercy Room is available to all members, the housekeeping committee does a great job! The decorating committee keeps our Community cheerful!  Also, when you enter our community we always have music on and the fireplace going in the winter, very warm and cozy...
Anna Balcom

We would like to begin by saying we love it here at Gramercy Park Duluth.  It was ready for occupancy in early 2000 and we were among the very first to sign up during the pre-construction period.

This home is one of many for us over the years and we enjoyed all of them in their time, but at present we cannot think of a place we would rather live than where we are now.  It is as convenient as can be to the Miller Hill Mall and other businesses, but we still have a certain amount of seclusion and frequently see deer, ducks in our pond, an occasional bear and other wildlife on our property.

Gramercy Park Duluth has so many amenities - something for everyone, from a workshop and carwash in the lower level with heated garage for all members, library, craft room, to an exercise room and much more.  However, one of the greatest advantages in living here is the people.  There is a wide choice of activities.  Being a co-op, the members actually 'run' the property, with a wonderful administrator and a management company for handling certain details.  We hope our health allows us to live here for many more years.
Bill and Jane McLean

In April of 2000 my husband and I moved to Gramercy Park.  We wanted a life style change.  We found everything we were looking for a Gramercy.  It is a friendly community, there are activities in the building, wonderful areas for walking and worry-free living.  This summer I lost my husband, and I really found out what it meant to be here.  Being in a community like this you have so much support when you need it.  People are wonderful.  We have great security, so I don't worry about being alone.
Sharon Hicken

My husband and I moved to Gramercy when it opened.  It was perfect for us, we spend 5 months a winter in Arizona and we could just lock the door and leave.  Now that I've lost my husband, I realize what a close knit family I have here at Gramercy. 
Mary Ann Anderson


Gramercy Goodies... Convenient for services, close to grocery stores, clothing, clinic, car services... all within 5 minutes away.  Gramercy is a community itself... we have special events and things we do.  Gramercy is safe.  And no snow shoveling or lawn mowing... the chores that you used to do... its great!
Arnie Heikkila

To begin with my husband and I enjoy our home and the wildlife we often see just beyond our balcony.  Then there is the atmosphere of "family" here, which we appreciate.
M. Beach

From the first day we moved to Gramercy we were treated, what we felt, like we had lived here all our lives. We were shown all of the building and introduced to everybody we ran into that day and for many days after.   We have found out there are many jobs/functions that we can take part in (if we desire to) that can fill in any spare time (to keep busy). The use of Channel 14 is used a lot ot keep us informed of any Gramercy news.  The security gives us a big feeling of safety (Fire, snow removal, locked doors).  And the property is clean and well maintained. The residents run the community and have a right to vote to help make decisions. Many thoughtful people are ready to help you in an emergency
Runcie & Hallie Martin

Norman and I moved into Gramercy in March 2000, We were the 7th to move in and have never regretted it; we have met many wonderful people that we would not have know if we didn't move here.  As a share owner in the Co-op, your unit can be decorated as you desire it to be, it is your home.  When we moved in we didn't like all the white walls so when our children asked what we would like for Mothers or Fathers day, we said we would like our walls painted and a wall paper border so that's what they did.  If an appliance breaks down you don't have to worry, our Maintenance man takes care of it, also no mowing and shoveling.  We also could pick out the color of carpeting and vinyl's.  One question many people have asked is, don't you always have people bothering you?  Our response is if you want company there is plenty of it around, if you don't you are left alone.  We have different card games couple of nights a week, Bingo once a month, many different Dinner Parties with entertainment to follow, Craft room, Exercise Room, Library, Puzzle area (which has a big following), two guest rooms you can rent for $45 a night, indoor parking, carwash and air for tires, many more plus's.  Come and join us for fun in retirement!
Claudia & Norman Johnson

There is lots of nice at Gramercy.  Nice units.  Nice Neighbors. Nice location.  Nice employees and nicely, very affordable.

Do we life living at Gramercy Park? As the poet says "Let me count the ways!"
1 - With in 2 miles we have Younkers, Kohls, Sam's Club, dozens of good restaurants - just about anything one needs.  2 - We have kids in town and a lot of family in Minneapolis and St. Paul that are always welcome here.  3. We have great friends here.  4 - Great Summer weather. 5 - Great view from our deck. 6. Casino trips!  7 - Fun and games - Wii, Bingo, Cards etc.
We are only here for the summer and it works perfectly for us.  We feel we are two really lucky people.
Marcy & Richard McPheeters

We've lived here for 5-years and have never regretted the move from our home and big yard.  We found so many caring and genuine people here who are willing to join in our festivities and willing to help make the various activities fun and a success.  It is truly a friendly place to live.
Ed & Donna Kallio

I moved to Gramercy of Duluth in February of this year and I immediately felt right at home.  Everyone was so friendly, cheerful and welcoming.  The positive energy is everywhere.  And there is always something going on, like socials and of course, Bingo, which I love (especially when I win!)  here is always a friend of two nearby to chat with.  My home is lovely, spacious and bright and I appreciate the fitness room with the new machines just down the hall.  I am so grateful to living in this dynamic, energetic community.
Joan Bradley